Time to be exclusive!

Rollbag "Exclusive" in limited edition!
Elegant and energetic like fencing itself!

What is the difference between the new Rollbag and our well-tried models?

  1. Decent, elegant and energetic colours in taupe and dark green
  2. More storage space due to the higher square shape
  3. The outside pockets are less bulky, as they are internal
  4. Optimal ventilation through the mesh material at one outside pocket (especially for mask or shoes)
  5. Prevents the wheels from bumping against walls or doors due to internal mounting of the wheels
  6. Can be retrofitted with a weapon bag (only available in black)

Convinced? Then make sure you get the "Exclusive" model quickly! (while stocks last)

Rollbag "Exclusive" DARK GREEN

Rollbag "Exclusive" TAUPE