PREMIERE - fencing shoes ATTACK PRO

Attack Pro is the result of an intensive cooperation between three established German companies Uhlmann, allstar and Kempa. We are proud to have been part of the development process from the beginning and are convinced of the functionality and quality of this shoe.

The features of the Attack Pro are as follows:

- Very high abrasion resistance of the sole and inside through the use of a high quality and extremely abrasion-resistant rubber compound
- The honeycomb structure of the sole provides a perfect grip on the piste
- Excellent damping
- Sharkskin inner lining for easy sliding into the shoe while resisting in the opposite direction for optimal support
- Rubber reinforcement to protect the laces on the inside
- Use of special matrix material with cevlar

The new fencing shoes are availble NOW and can be ordered under the item no. 20500.

We are happy to convince you of the new generation of fencing shoes!

Yours, Uhlmann-Team!

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