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Thank you for participation!

Participation conditions and data protection

Who can participate in the prize draw?

All people who have reached the age of 16 years at the beginning of the prize draw.

How does the prize draw act up?

Every week, during the prize draw period from 20.11. until 17.12.2017, Uhlmann chooses winners by lot, of those who took part during the relevant week. 

How often may I participate?

You can take part once a week, so you can participate 4 times during the prize draw period. First week: 20.11. – 26.11.; second week: 27.11. – 03.12.; third week: 04.12. – 10.12.; fourth week: 11.12. – 17.12.

What data do I have to forward?

We have to ask for the following data in our contact form: name and surname, address, country, email-address, date of birth and gender. Furthermore, in case of winning a prize, we ask for your agreement to publish your name, the first letter of your surname and your location on our website and Facebook.

Will my data be used otherwise or sold?

No, your data will be used only for the T-shirt prize draw.

How will I get informed in case of winning?

The publication of the winners occurs on our website and Facebook.

May I get a voucher instead of a prize?

No, with your participation in the prize draw you can win a prize, only. Legal process is excluded.

The winners

Week 1

Viktoria S., Merzig / Germany
Piotr T., Warszawa / Poland
Christine R., Toronto / Canada
Maria C., Egaleo / Greece
Lars P., Hamburg / Germany
Iordanis P., Helsingborg / Sweden
Darius S., Dubnica / Slovakia
Claudia F., Chieti / Italy
James H., Wellington / New Zealand
Stephen J., Duisburg / Germany

Week 2

Félix T., Bruxelles / Belgium
Chai Meng L., Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
Eva H., Natick / USA
Thomas E., München / Germany
Lutea T., Bucharest / Romania
Yegor Z., Grodno / Belarus
Andrew S., Long Grove / USA
Steve P., Bridgwater / Great Britain
Jan S., Venlo / Netherlands
Nadine T., Neumarkt / Germany

Week 3

Mahnaz S., Stuttgart / Germany
Miriam L., Nürnberg / Germany
Nikolova S., Burgas / Bulgaria
Tobias P., Aarhus / Denmark
Sanil M., Delhi / India
Sacha Garimé., Drancy / France
Felix S., Berlin / Germany
Denise F., Bremen / Germany
Aristofanis S., Athens / Greece
Jakob B., Ulm / Germany

Week 4

Kerstin R., Nürnberg / Germany
Joaquin V., Coruña / Spain
Mirko N., Milano / Italy

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