Already for the 50th time, fencers from all over the world will cross the blades at the International Women's Epee World Cup in Laupheim. The fencing club of TSV Laupheim is looking forward to the anniversary and returns the eponym of this tournament to mind.

Josef Uhlmann, who was born on 21st October 1902 in Laupheim and raised there, too, won several titles for his club TV Ulm (now SSV Ulm) in epee. He also participated in the World Championships in Rome, Paris and Warsaw with the German national team successfully. The fencer celebrated the peak of his athletic career, when he reached the fourth place at the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936, together with his teammates Eugen Geiwitz, Siegfried Lerdon, Hans Esser, Ernst Röthig and Otto Schröder. 

Inspired by the sporting ambitions, he began to produce fencing equipment in 1933. However, the war upset his plans. After the destruction of his living and business space in Ulm, Josef Uhlmann finally returned to his hometown Laupheim in 1945 and rebuilt his existence. In addition to the manufacture of fencing articles, the skilled businessman began to produce molds for the pharmaceutical industry. The company grew steadily; in 1954, the factory building of today's Uhlmann Fencing was established. When he died in 1968, Josef Uhlmann left a company with an excellent reputation, for fencing as well as for mechanical engineering. Uhlmann Fencing is one of the leading manufacturers of fencing products worldwide, which can look back on an impressive and innovative success history.

In memory of the top fencer of the ´30s, the fencing club of TSV Laupheim organized the International Josef-Uhlmann-Gedächtnis-Turnier in men’s epee in 1969 for the first time. 137 participants from all over the world competed at the tournament. In 1980, the fencing club arranged even two competitions. The name changed to Uhlmann-Cup three years later. In 1992, the tournament got the World Cup status. The modification from men’s epee to women’s epee followed in 2010. No matter, if it calls Gedächtnis-Turnier or Uhlmann-Cup, men’s or women’s, this event is firmly established in the FIE calendar and an essential part of the international fencing stage. Several top fencers scored their first successes at the Uhlmann-Cup.

In cooperation with the fencing club of TSV Laupheim and the company Uhlmann Fencing, this year's 50th Uhlmann-Cup will take place on 14th October 2017. In addition to the individual, the junior women also compete in the team competition next day for the second time.

So, mark the date in your calendar, visit Laupheim and join us, when the referees say for the 50th time "En garde !, Prêtes ?, Allez !!!"

Winners LIST

  • 2017: De Marchi, Italy
  • 2016: Filina, Russia
  • 2015: Komarova, Russia
  • 2014: Kharkova, Ukraine
  • 2013: Pantelyeyeva, Ukraine
  • 2012: Lehis, Estonia
> All placements
  • 2011: Budai, Hungary
  • 2010: Fiamingo, Italy
  • 2009: Levante Ta, Hungary
  • 2008: Pokorny, Czech Republic
  • 2007: Borel, France
  • 2006: Heinzer, Switzerland
  • 2005: Launer, Germany
  • 2004: Penso, France
  • 2003: Sicot, France
  • 2002: Bayer, Germany
  • 2001: Verwijlen, Netherlands
  • 2000: Beran, Czech Republi
  • 1999: Wiercioch, Poland
  • 1998: Pfeiffer, Germany
  • 1997: S. Schmid, Germany
  • 1996: Ergand, France
  • 1995: Boczko, Hungary
  • 1994: Rota, Italy
  • 1993: Morch, Norway
  • 1992: Szigmond, Hungary
  • 1991: Pillac, France
  • 1990: Kulcsar, Hungary
  • 1989: Kulcsar, Hungary
  • 1988: Kertesz, Sweden
  • 1987: Schreiber, Germany
  • 1986: Chiei, Italy
  • 1985: Schreiber, Germany
  • 1984: A. Schmitt, Germany
  • 1983: Bermond, Italy
  • 1982: Zalaffi, Italy
  • 1981: Cuomo, Italy
  • 1980: Hörger, Germany
  • 1980: Baumgarten, Germany
  • 1979: Piekarek, Germany
  • 1978: Gey, Germany
  • 1977: Beckmann, Germany
  • 1976: I. Borrmann, Germany
  • 1975: Steegmüller, Germany
  • 1974: Muck, Germany
  • 1973: Peter, Germany
  • 1972: Kauter, Switzerland
  • 1971: Jung, Germany
  • 1970: Polzhuber, Austria
  • 1969: Peter, Germany