Our history began with Josef Uhlmann, who was born on 21st October 1902 in Laupheim and raised there, too, won several titles for his club TV Ulm (now SSV Ulm) in epee. He also participated in the World Championships in Rome, Paris and Warsaw with the German national team successfully. He celebrated the peak of his athletic career, when he reached the fourth place at the Olmpic Games in Berlin in 1936, together with his team mates Eugen Geiwitz, Siegfried Lerdon, Hans Esser, Ernst Röthig and Otto Schröder.


Inspired by the sporting ambitions, he began to produce fencing equipment in 1933. However, the war upset his plans. After the destruction of his living and business space in Ulm, Josef Uhlmann finally returned to his home town Laupheim in 1945 and rebuilt his life and business. In addition to the manufacture of fencing articles, the skilled businessman began to produce moulds for the pharmaceutical industry. The company grew steadily; In 1954, the factory building of today’s Uhlmann Fencing was established. When he died in 1968, Josef Uhlmann left a company with an excellent reputation, for fencing as well as for mechanical engineering.


Between 1968 and 1988 the production of fencing equipment was under several managers, but at one company with pharmaceutical machines. Finally, in December 1988 the fencing part was sold to Mr. Frank Messemer and Mr. Roland Rolser – this was the beginning of “Uhlmann Fencing” itself, as a separate company in the same building as before. The other part of pharmaceutical machines was billet out in a specially build building, since this production also grew steadily – the “Uhlmann Pac Systeme” – it is still in family’s hands under his grandson today.


Through Frank Messemer and Roland Rolser “Uhlmann Fencing” became a separate company, still situated in the original building. In 2001, an extension was built to accommodate the companies growth and to provide larger manufacturing and storage areas, thus enabling us to deliver to our customers faster.


In 2011 Roland Rolser died suddenly and in 2012 his stepson Uwe Gretzinger took over his responsibilities. Together with Frank Messemer, they run the company successfully and today around 60 employees are engaged at Uhlmann Fencing . They work on over 3000 items, from the smallest screws up to fencing pistes and signalling equipment.

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