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From fencer to fencer!

Who knows the requirements of a fencing shoe better than a fencer himself?

Following the motto #FromFencerToFencer, our sponsored sabre fencer Azza Besbes (TUN) decided to develop the 15/14 collection.

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The best for fencing

By using perfect materials and exact workmanship, we provide quality and safety for fencing.

Time to be exclusive!

Rollbag "Exclusive" in limited edition!
Elegant and energetic like fencing itself!

What is the difference between the new Rollbag and our well-tried models?

  1. Decent, elegant and energetic colours in taupe and dark green
  2. More storage space due to the higher square shape
  3. The outside pockets are less bulky, as they are internal

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Be ready for the next level


For the first time ever a VR simulator combines the human and the virtual level of fencing and makes the first step into the digital world.

Top product

FIE fencing jacket Olympia 800N

Highest wearing comfort thanks to fully elastic material with Dyneema®
Highest functionality due to the antibacterial characteristics
Optimal fit | Extremely lightweight | Brilliant white
Made in Germany

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