For the first time ever a VR simulator combines the human and the virtual level of fencing and makes the first step into the digital world.

In cooperation with the VR company “Fencer - Kazakhstan”, the project “Fencer VR” now becomes reality. Our experiences set almost no boundaries to further development of the VR simulator.

The fencer can practice various exercises aimed at reaction and precision as well as training of attack and parry strategies. By using the Oculus Quest 2 headset, the controller can be easily attached to the desired weapon. As the weight of the “VR Blade” is nearly the same as of a real fencing weapon, a good muscle memory is set up while training.

Especially for young fencers, Fencer VR creates an immersive training experience and generates new positive emotions as well as increased motivation during the exciting learning process, which allows them to progress faster in learning the elementary skills.

Results can be recorded in the simulator to be analyzed with a fencing trainer, if necessary.