Summerbreak 2022


our company will be closed for summer holidays from 30th July until 21st August 2022. All orders which arrive and are paid until 25th July will be sent before our holidays (preconditioned the goods are in stock - if delivery is not possible, we'll inform you).

Basic 2.0

Slip in and feel good! Due to the improvement of our former popular model Basic, the new fencing glove Basic 2.0 feels almost like a second skin. The fencing glove is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced fencers and convinces with its ultimate price-performance ratio and the modern design.

Winter holidays 2021

Dear Customer, our company will be closed for winter holidays from 23rd December 2021 until 9th January 2022. All orders which arrive and are paid until 20th December 2021 will be sent before our holidays...

Virtual Reality Fencing

DISCOVER THE VIRTUAL REALITY FENCING: For the first time ever a VR simulator combines the human and the virtual level of fencing and makes the first step into the digital world.

An "Up" grade for our Combi weapon bag!

Do you also just throw your used fencing clothes into the fencing bag with the rest of your fencing equipment after training instead of accurately packing them into a separate bag?