Happy world turtle day

On the occasion of the World Turtle Day on May 23rd we have come up with a special offer for you. For every order over a value of 250 Euro, we will send you some exclusive items.

We produce you perform


A perfect fencing glove has to be super comfortable, but also stylish. This was our mission, so we developed our new "Performer".

Safety has never been so comfy


Who says protection has to be uncomfortable? Our new FIE fencing Sabre glove PRO is the epitome of comfort and style. With its modern design and high durability, it provides ultimate protection without compromising on comfort. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, our FIE sabre glove won't disappoint. Its ergonomic design and soft padding ensure that your hand stays safe and comfortable during fencing bouts.

From fencer to fencer

Who knows the requirements of a fencing shoe better than a fencer himself?

Following the motto #FromFencerToFencer, our sponsored sabre fencer Azza Besbes (TUN) decided to develop the 15/14 collection.

Winterbreak 2022

Our company will be closed for winter holidays from 21st December 2022 until 8th January 2023. All orders which arrive and are paid until 12th December 2022 will be sent before our holidays...