From fencer to fencer!

Who knows the requirements of a fencing shoe better than a fencer himself?

Following the motto #FromFencerToFencer, our sponsored sabre fencer Azza Besbes (TUN) decided to develop the 15/14 collection.

Years of experience in professional fencing form the basis for a development focused on functionality, sustainability and performance. This functionality combines both tradition and the evolution of fencing. Every Azza fencing shoe stands for professionalism and innovation.

Of course, we support Azza's heart project by adopting one of the different models, the 15/14 Electric, in our product range.

Here are some of the features of the 15/14 Electric fencing shoe:

  • Cushioning: high density midsoel for the perfet level of cushioning and rebound
  • Strength: ultra performance upper ensuring strength and look
  • Flexibility: Natural rubber for flexibility and grip
  • Durability: high wrapping rubber for lunge protection
  • Comfort: cushioning lining with the perfect foot lock
  • Light weight: use of strong yet light weight materials
  • Available in sizes 37 (US 4,5) – 46 (US 12)

By the way, Azza Fencing Footwear are the first to use recycled materials